'A recipe has no soul, you as a cook must add soul to the recipe.'

The first cookery classes of Indirapuram, successfully running since 2009. Now in Noida Extension too!

Learn authentic and creative cookery with Kavita in a professional and friendly atmosphere that will surely bring out the great cook in you!



We bring you the taste that touches the soul. Courses designed in a way that even a beginner will attain perfection.
Our classes help the aspirants to achieve their objectives and bring out the authentic taste in every dish.
Properly typed recipes are given to every student. We make sure to clarify your every doubt even after the class.

We provide you with the best services and creative tips in every class.
Cookery classes for every cuisine and professional bakery available and a friendly atmosphere to ensure a pleasant learning experience for everyone. The workshops are held in a studio kitchen with comfortable seating arrangement and latest appliances.

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